Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Look 135: Black and Brown

Denim shorts, knit vest, white t-shirt, brown braided belt, Frye boots, vintage French sunglasses

Look 134: All Cotton

Joe's Jeans, T-shirt cardigan, ruffle printed tank top, vintage necklace, jeweled flip flops

Look 133: Gold and Green

Knit floral skirt, Nursing tank top, gold cardigan, bronze sandals, vintage necklace, Lisa DeFrance Brooch

Look 132: Gray Plaid

Button front plaid skirt, nursing tank top, floral applique top, gray slouch boots,

Look 131: Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Wide leg jeans, printed tank top, woven belt, knit blazer, round sunglasses

Look 130: Shades of sea green

J-Crew linen sweater, white nursing tank, Joe's jeans, long silk scarf, Cream flats, H & M sunglasses

Look 129: Studio day

White t-shirt, skinny jeans, silk cardigan, vintage oxfords, vintage French sunglasses, birds nest brooch

Look 128: Pub dinner

Boy friend jeans, vintage top, silk cardigan, woven belt, Cole Haan pumps

Friday, August 27, 2010

Look 127: Small town College Campus

T-shirt dress, jersey vest, skinny belt, strappy sandals, vintage necklaces and stripe sunglasses

Look 126: Small town Arts Festival

Knit ruffle dress, silk scarf, MaxMara necklace, Frye boots, round sunglasses, vintage watches and Yorkie named Rosie

Look 125: Getting ready for the Arts Festival

Ribbed tank top, vintage stripe summer pant, cream belt, fringe sandals, vintage beads, and hand made earrings

Look 124: Two looks, only one piece has changed...

Jersey vest, cream t-shirt, leggings, cream belt, cream flats, vintage sunglasses

 Vintage strapless dress

Look 123: Green

Printed t-shirt, vintage wide leg pants, vintage woven belt, jeweled flip flops, H & M sunglasses

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Look 122: All day in Seattle

Strapless ruffle jersey dress, silk scarf, vintage blush belt, stripe sweat shirt, gray tights, jeweled flip flops, vintage pendant necklace

Look 121: On the water: Seattle ,WA

T-shirt dress, vintage stripe jacket, silk scarf, vintage woven belt, jeweled flip flops, large round earrings, gray tights

Look 120: Whimsical Washington Wedding

Vintage fuchsia dress, purple tank top, stripe gray sweat shirt, vintage floral belt, fringe sandals, purple dream catcher earrings

Look 119: Casual Wedding reception

Gap denim shirt dress, Pearl and chain necklace, jeweled flip flops

Friday, August 13, 2010

Look 118: With and Without

Vintage Sassoon jacket, vintage cotton dress, woven belt, Cole Haan pumps
Interior by colorist Tessa Lindsey

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Look 117: Rainbow

Cotton t-shirt dress, Vintage necklace, Pendant earrings, Neutral sandals, Pale green H & M Sunglasses

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Look 116: Art Festival

Vintage polka dot dress, brown belt, animal print ballet flats, vintage gold chain necklace, round sunglasses

Look 115: Farmer's Market

J Crew stripe top, Nursing tank, H & M harem jeans, tassel sandals

Look 114: Art Walk

Green t-shirt, vintage stripe pants, white belt, black heals, vintage gold chain necklaces

Look 113: Summer pastels

J Crew top, vintage pink shorts, floral print belt, gray earrings, H&M sunglasses, gray boots

Look 112: Miss matched

Stripe J Crew top, Nursing tank, skinny jeans, ceramic earrings by Crisha Yantis, Green necklace, flip flops

Look 111: Romantic casual

Vintage floral blouse, nursing tank, vintage gray belt, J Crew short, gray boots, vintage locket

Look 110: Professional to casual

Grey suit, cowl neck t-shirt, animal print ballet flats, vintage belt 

Cowl neck t-shirt, Vintage gray belt, H & M boyfriend jeans, animal print ballet flats, sunglasses

Look 109: Out to lunch in Phoenix

J Crew stripe top, Vintage pink shorts, Nursing tank top,H & M sunglasses, flip flops

Look 108: Outfit from Misc. in Salt Lake City

Vintage floral shirt dress, vintage sequin belt, vintage stripe sunglasses (Misc. Salt Lake City), flip flops

Look 107: Casual 115 degrees

Cuffed denim shorts, J Crew short sleeve top, black heals, vintage sequin belt, vintage stripe sunglasses, ceramic earrings by Crisha Yantis

Look 106: Airport travel

Joe's jeans, nursing tank top, short sleeve jacket, vintage stripe sunglasses, flip flops

Friday, June 18, 2010

Looks101-105: Catch up from California vacation

Look 101: Gap sweater, Skinny jeans, Heals
Look 102: H & M Jumpsuit, heals, vintage bracelet
Look 103: Cotton tank dress, denim vest, brown tights, fringe sandals
Look 104: Yoga pants, printed hoodie, vintage baby swimsuit, baby gap hat 
Look 105: Boyfriend jeans, denim shirt, flip flops, vintage locket

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Look 100: Yeah!!!100 photos

Pewter jacket, strip tank, harem capris, strappy heels, two tone sunglasses

Look 99: Pink and White

Polka dot blouse, nursing tank, linen capris, flip flops, Max Mara sunglasses, pink hoop earrings

Look 98: Cute sweats

Stripe sweat shirt, t-shirt, nylon pants, flip flops, two tone sunglasses

Friday, May 7, 2010

Look 97: Transition time

Knit dress, denim leggings, Nursing tank, vintage oxfords, mid-length trench coat

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Look 96: Nursing friendly...

 Right now I really have to think about having easy access to the food supply that I have for my daughter... It is a challenge... more challenging for me than maternity wear!!!

Nursing tank top, plaid dress, denim leggings, vintage beads, purple flats

Look 95: Back at it...

Sorry for the laps in time.  For the last little while of my pregnancy I pretty much wore the same 3 outfits everyday... nothing else fit or was comfortable!  Hazel is here and I have recovered... so WE are back at it.

Vintage chambray button front dress, cloth belt, red accessories.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Look 94: Knit from now on...

Sweater dress, tights, lace-up boots, meditation beads, silk scarf

Look 93: Vintage bow tie

Knit vest, stripe turtleneck, knit wide leg pants, animal print scarf, vintage coat, vintage bow tie, vintage sunglasses

Friday, February 26, 2010

Look 92: Red details

Longsleeve tee, Wool hooded jacket, slim jeans, herringbone scarf, bead/chain necklace, vintage earrings, Red aviators and vintage wing tip oxfords

Look 91: Valentines date

Longsleeve tee, jersey cardigan, maternity skirt, MaxMara boots

Friday, February 12, 2010

Look 90: RIP Alexander McQueen

Your art will be greatly missed!

Sweater dress, wool hooded jacket, scarf, tights, knee socks, leg warmers, Frye boots, vintage sunglasses

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I wear mostly vintage and mix it with a bit of everything.
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